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The Whiskey

The Gelston’s Taste

This beautifully balanced Irish single malt whiskey is aged for 25 years, bottled at cask strength (50.1% & 52.4%), unchill-filtered, and triple distilled. Matured full term on the Irish coast in ex-bourbon casks, to give it a distinctive taste.


Why are there two cask strengths?

As the liquid was bought in separate, single casks, their ABVs are different (50.1% and 52.4%).  To ensure bottling at their true cask strength, we developed two different labels and bottlings to reflect this. Both liquids have been made and matured identically, and have the same taste profile

Gelston’s Whiskey Explained

The Gelston’s brand does not currently have its own distillery, however Johnny Neill, the current family descendant, with his own flourishing spirits business today, wanted to resurrect this great family brand. He hand selected some of the finest liquids from the North of Ireland to reintroduce the Gelston’s brand.